Wellington Lambert

Singer, Song Writer, Author and Visual Artist

The UnGallery’s Resident Artist “Wellington” is an artist of many talents, not only is he The UnGallery’s resident visual artist, he has three albums to his credit as a professional a cappella singer/song writer and has recently finished writing his first fiction novel “Donna Farmer”.


Visual Art

Sculpted Paintings, diverse subject matter and our most popular Artist at the UnGallery. Wellington creates each piece of art using old world techniques, individually sculpted with raised Venetian plaster and painting applications that highlights the subject matter giving them their uniqueness. Wellington personally designs, sculpts, paints and finishes each piece by hand Vivid, bright, funky, surreal, humorous and sometimes dark are descriptions of his style. His visual art incorporates oversimplified forms of nature, landscape and the abstract. Each subject matter is a heavily textured  form of wall sculpture on wood. His art accents any décor and ranges from 7 inch decorative tiles to large 7 foot pieces.


Writing a Wellington favourite pastime between recording, painting and raising four boys. Many short stories, humorous, sad, full of daily life. And of course his newest novel Donna Farmer. Songs Tenor Wellington shares his love of sound through his Find Your Voice course but also through performances, writing and recording new songs. From the eclectic, to a children’s album, to new material for his next album his exploration of his voice and sounds makes a great listen.

Donna Farmer | Novel

Donna Farmers life is so dishevelled she is actually beginning to look forward to menopause. Sliding into half a century of failure, her inner voice is telling her to be happy with a rent controlled apartment and a few cats…possibly a dog. As Donna begins to feel the passage of time add insult to injury she prepares for a life of quiet regret. With temp work as her only means of income to cover the cost of her apartment and Karen, a narcissistic alcoholic, as her only friend, she hunkers down, preparing to disappear into old age.

But Karen has other plans…she drags Donna through a night of drunken misadventure that leads Donna to an unexpected detour from the usual rut that is her life. Donna is forced to redefine her life beyond marriage, children and income. Sometimes a life of disappointment can have an upside. It’s a story about; drunken fool meets boy, meets octogenarian woman, meets life… head on. Donna learns quickly that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t always a near death experience; sometimes it’s a new beginning.